Monday, November 19, 2018

Registration 6am
Pull starts at 8am

1. Three hooks total for the day. $25 per hook, $15 membership/insurance fee per driver.
2.  We will have back up sled and three working scales. Two inside scales for those going up into the arena to pull and one outside scale to test weight your tractor.
3.  Same weight classes and divisions as last year.  
4.  Scroll down and click on "older posts" to see the rules.
All weight classes will have same four speed divisions: 3mph non altered tire,  3.5 mph any cut,   6mph any cut, 15mph any cut.  Jackpot classes are 3mph, 3.5mph, and 6mph
Jackpot weight classes are 3,750, 5,250, and 6,750. These weights are straight up, no allowance over. The 6,750 3mph and 3.5mph have a small tire and big tire jackpot class.

Same rules as previous years..

Brad Peters
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Safety First-Safety is the most important factor on and off the track!

Operators pull at their own risk

No alcohol or drugs permitted

Track officials make final decisions

Tractors must be produced 1972 or older - NON TURBO ONLY

Three hooks per tractor total for the day and only one  JACKPOT CLASS included in the three {if you choose a Jackpot Class}

Gasoline, diesel, or propane are the only fuels permitted. No alcohol, nitrous oxide, or any other fuel additives may be used

Tractor must be naturally aspirated and have a one barrel updraft carburetor

Engine must be of the same tractor manufacturer

All exhaust pipes must be straight up

Radial tires allowed!

All pulls must start with a tight chain. No jerking of any kind permitted

All tractors must have working brakes

Driver must stay in the seat, no standing or bouncing

When a driver starts the pull, if he stops within the predetermined distance, they may have one additional attempt

Side boundary lines will be marked; if a tractor touches the white line, the pull will be disqualified

All weight classes will allow 100 lbs above the weight limit for scale variance

All JACKPOT weight classes are straight up weights - no allowance

Any part falling off the tractor after being hooked and until the tractor is unhooked will result in disqualification

Maximum drawbar height of 20" to top of hook point, rigid in all directions

Minimum drawbar length of 18" from center of axle to hitch point

Weights: Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward

Each weight class will offer FOUR divisions

3000,3500,4000,4500,5000,5500,6000,6500,7500,8500,9500,10,500 WEIGHT CLASSES

3.0 MPH Non altered tire division

Small tire (15.5x38 or 16.9x34 max) up to 6500lb weight class.

18.4x38 max 7500lb on up
There will be both, a big and small tire 6500lb weight class

Radial tires allowed

No speed measuring devices

Wheelie bars preferred but not mandatory

Disqualified if horn blows after sled passes the cone mark

3.5 MPH Any cut tire division

Small tire (15.5x38 or 16.9x34 max) up to 6500lb weight class

18.4x38 max 7500b on up
There will be both, a big and small tire 6500lb weight class

Radial tires allowed

Wheelie bars mandatory

Disqualified if horn blows after sled passes the cone mark

6 MPH Any cut tire division

18.4x38 max tire size or same size footprint

Radial tires allowed

Wheelie bars mandatory

Disqualified if horn blows after sled passes the cone mark

Open Gear - Any cut tire division

15MPH Speed Limit - if horn sounds after sled reaches the cone mark - DISQUALIFIED!

18.4x38 max tire size or same footprint

Radial tires allowed

Wheelie bars and working kill switch mandatory

Any tractor running 30% or more over factory RPM's require safety side shields, fenders, and scatter blanket


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pull Results - 2018

Mid-Atlantic Antique Tractor Super Pull - 2018
3,000 - 3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Steve Crane Oliver 66 141' 9.24" 1st

Cliff Stugart Farmall C 138' 0.00" 2nd

Rob Allison Farmall Super C 133' 1.80" 3rd

Timmy Bilyk Farmall 240 124' 7.56" 4th

Grover Binkey Oliver 66 123'7.08" 5th

John King Farmall Super C 113'6.12" 6th

Jene Roop Farmall C 113'0.00" 7th

Jim Quigel  Case VAC 106'9.96" 8th

Shane Husak Farmall Super C 104'2.76" 9th

Robert Rowe Oliver Super 66 99'11.64" 10th

John Roop Farmall H 89'2.16" 11th

Zach Bisson Farmall Super C 66'9.72" 12th

Brad Sell Farmall BN 64'11.28" 13th

Greg Sell Farmall BN 59'4.92" 14th

3,000-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Colby Wright Farmall C 105'.82" 1st

David Jones Oliver 66 101'.50" 2nd

Chris Fry Farmall BN 100'.47" 3rd

Steve Crane Oliver 66 94'.46" 4th

Thomas Black SR Massey Harris 81 81'.72" 5th

Thomas Black SR Massey Harris 81 77'.84" 6th 

Wes Binkey AC-W 102'.63" DQ

3,000-6mph Owner Tractor Length Place

Chris Fry Farmall BN 114'.55" 1st

Colby Wright Farmall C 110'.89" 2nd

Seth Peters Case 200 104'.04" 3rd

DJ Paulhamus Case VA 103'.00" 4th

Bobby Eckman Allis chalmers WC 55'.77" 5th

3,000-15mph Owner Tractor Length Place

Seth Peters Case 200 133'.8" 1st

Chris Fry Farmall BN 107'.14" 2nd

3,500 - 3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Cliff Stugart Farmall C 170'9.36" 1st

Matthew Jones JD B 168'5.16" 2nd

Jeff Blades Oliver 66 168'0.24 3rd

Kevin Crane Oliver 66 167'2.16" 4th

Roy Allison Farmall Super C 167'.60" 5th

Michael Caron Farmall Super C 166'10.44" 6th

Robert Rowe Oliver Super 66 166'9.60" 7th

Jim Quigel Case VAC 166'4.08" 8th

Jim Miller  Farmall H 165'7.44" 9th

Steve Raymond JD B 162'7.92" 10th

Grover binkey Oliver 66 161'11.40" 11th

George Bradley AC D14 161'11.16" 12th

Charles Jenkins AC WD45 156'7.68" 13th

Donald Leavitt Oliver 66 155'8.76" 14th

Brock Myers JD B 154'5.76" 15th

Andrea Jackson Massey Ferguson 65 153'9.72" 16th

Larry Burkholder Massey Harris 148'11.64" 16th

Leonard Zimmerman AC-WD 148'3.96" 18th

Nick Budman JD B 141'6.24" 19th

Andrew Adams JD B 138'7.92" 20th

Matt Aikey Oliver 66 138'6.36" 21st

Gary Comer AC WC 138'2.16" 22nd

John Roop Farmall H 135'7.56" 23rd

John King Farmall Super C 132'4.68" 24th

Shane Husak Farmall Super C 132'.36" 25th

Amanda Eckman AC WC 128'.24" 26th

Brendan Peiter JD B 125'.12" 27th

Jena Roop Farmall C 118'11.64" 28th

Greg Sell Farmall BN 106'10.56" 29th

Brad Sell Farmall BN 84'0.00" 30th

Timmy Bilyk Farmall 240 157'1.56" DQ

3,500-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Duane Shultz Farmall H 124'.13" 1st

Danny Ferguson Farmall Super C 123'.76" 2nd

Tim Yates Oliver 77 122'.82" 3rd

Wes Binkey AC-W 122'.63" 4th

Harnish Bros Case 500 122'.63" 4th

Shane Gerych JD B 122'.63" 4th

Jeff Mongold Ford 960 122'.16" 7th

Ron Brokaw MH 101 122'.07" 8th

David Jones Oliver 66 121'.50" 9th

Neal Leclair  JD B 121'.31" 10th

Ed Derrenbacher Oliver Super 66 120'.09" 11th

Eddie Bartly Farmall Super H 120'.00" 12th

Lynn Neer Farmall H 119'.62" 13th

Gary Bill Ford 901 118'.97" 14th

Josh Eggler Case 500 118'.87" 15th

Rich Umstead Farmall H 117'.18" 16th

Colby Wright Farmall C 117'.18" 16th

Jason Gerych JD B 116'.81" 18th

Jim Miller Farmall H 113'.33" 19th

Leonard Zimmerman AC WD 104'.13" 20th

Leonard Zimmerman AC WC 103'.76" 21st

Sam Colton IH 350 U 100'.38" 22nd

Tom Black MH 81 99'.25" 23rd

Tom Black SR MH 81 98'.78" 24th

3,500-6mph Owner Tractor Length Place

Jeremy Smith Oliver Super 66 141'.41" 1st

Tom Braniger AC WC 140'.00" 2nd

DJ Paulhamus Case VA 139'.81" 3rd

Eddie Bartley Farmall Super H 136'.43" 4th

John Rome AC WC 135'.77" 5th

Seth Peters Case 200 135'.31" 6th

Matt Mongold Oliver 77 134'.74" 7th

Jim Young IH 300 U 134'.65" 8th

Lynn Neer Farmall H 132'.86" 9th

Ed Derrenbacher Oliver Super 66 131'.64" 10th

Bobby Elen Oliver 77 128'.92" 11th

Cory Altland AC WD 128'.64" 12th

Gary Bill Ford 901 128'.64" 12th

Ken Leed Oliver Super 77 123'.66" 14th

3,500-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Brad Peters Case 200 171'.92" 1st

Jeremy Smith Oliver Super 66 171'.27" 2nd

Jim Young IH 300 U 162'.16" 3rd

Stone Scasso Ford 960 151'.27" 4th

3,750 - 3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Leroy Bennett Case 500 B 109'.24" 1st

Cliff Stugart Farmall C 103'2.52" 2nd

Steve Crane Oliver 66 98'7.08" 3rd

Matthew Jones Farmall 300 97'9.24" 4th

Jeff Blades Oliver 66 97'4.68" 5th

Rob Allison Farmall Super C 94'1.2" 6th

George Bradley AC 1014 92'3.12" 7th

Gary Comer AC WC 91'11.76" 8th

Nick Budman JD B 90'6.96' 9th

Leonard Zimmerman AC WD 89'11.04" 10th

Jim Quigel Case VAC 79'9.72" 11th

Andy Jackson Massey 65 77'6.24" 12th

John King Farmall Super C 77'1.68" 13th

Timmy Bilyk Farmall 240 76'4.20" 14th

Andrew Adams JD B 73'8.88" 15th

Steve Raymond JD B 73'.72" 16th

Harry Willis MH 44-6 68'11.40" 17th

Shane Husack Farmall Super C 66'7.20" 18th

Zach Bisson Farmall Super C 65'11.52" 19th

Matt Aikley Oliver 66 65'6" 20th

Amanda Eckman AC WC 63'8.28" 21st

Larry Burkholder MH 101 SR 63'0.00" 22nd

Tate Stackhouse JD B 62'10.20" 23rd

Brock Myers JD B 61'2.28" 24th

Donald Leavitt Oliver   61'0.84" 25th

3,750-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Duane Shutz Farmall H 138'.22" 1st

Tim Yates Oliver 77 135'.68" 2nd

Danny Ferguson Farmall Super C 134'.84" 3rd

Jason Gerych JD B 134'.65" 4th

Ron Brokaw MH 101 133'.90" 5th

Eddy Bartley Farmall Super H 133'.33" 6th

Jeff Mongold  Ford 960 132'.58" 7th

Doug Walker MH 101 131'.83" 8th

Shane Gerych JD B 131'.74" 9th

Sam Colton IH 350 U 131'.74" 9th

Gary Bill Ford 99 130'.52" 11th

Harnish Bros Case 500 130'.42" 12th

David Jones Oliver 66 130'.23" 13th

Lynn Neer Farmall H 129'.95" 14th

Ryan Newman AC WD45 129'.20" 15th

Rich Umstead Farmall H 129'.01" 16th

Leonard Zimmerman AC WD45 128'.83" 17th

Leonard Zimmerman AC WC 128'.64" 18th

Mark Willis  AC WC 127'.70" 19th

Josh Eggler Case 500 126'.10" 20th

Tom Black SR MH 81 125'.26" 21st

Tom Black JR MH 81 123'.38" 22nd

Neal LeClair JD B 89'.39" 23rd

3,750-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Rich Gensler IH 460 157'.75" 1st

Jeremy Smith Oliver Super 66 153'.99" 2nd

Jim Young IH 300 U 152'.21" 3rd

Matt Mongold Oliver   151'.74" 4th

Tom Braniger AC WC 150'.05" 5th

Bobby Elen Oliver 77 147'.61" 6th

Steve Smith Oliver 77 144'.51" 7th

Jay Scasso Ford 960 143'.19" 8th

Richard Peeples Oliver 77 141'.41" 9th

Brad Peters Case 200 140'.56" 10th

Johnny Rome AC WC 138'.59" 11th

Ken Leed Oliver Super 77 130'.89" DQ

4,000-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Jason Stellingwerf AC WD45 125'9.72" 1st

Jeff Blantts Oliver 77 115'4.44" 2nd

Charles Jenkins AC WD45 109'10.32" 3rd

Jeff Blades Oliver 66 107'9.24" 4th

Matthew Jones Farmall 300 105'6.36" 5th

Matt Aikley Oliver 66 104'6.96" 6th

Terry Eggler Case 630 104'3.36" 7th

Matt Ulmer JD B 104'1.44" 8th

Nick Budman JD B 103'11.64" 9th

Joe Heretta Farmall 300 103'10.68" 10th

Jake Myers JD B 103'1.80" 11th

Gary Comer AC WC 103'.96" 12th

Jim Miller Farmall H 100'8.16" 13th

Mike Sasnowy JD B 98'11.64" 14th

Kevin Crane Oliver 66 Row Crop 97'8.64" 15th

Adam Whiteheat Farmall Super H 97'0.12" 16th

Steve Raymond JD B 95'7.92" 17th

Harry Willis MH 44-6 95'4.44" 18th

George Bradley AC D14 94'8.52" 19th

Larry Burkholder MH 101 SR 92'5.04" 20th

Reed Shultz Farmall H 91'10.56" 21st

Tucker Gerych JD A 89'10.32" 22nd

Robert Ely Ford 850 86'2.28" 23rd

Donald Leavitt Oliver 72'6.48" 24th

Hayden McComsey Farmall H 68'5.52" 25th

Andy Jackson Massey Ferguson 63'8.88" 26th

Andrew Adams JD B 58'10.20" 27th

Leroy Bennett Case 500B 104'11.88" DQ

4,000-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Ron Brokaw MH 101 145'.54" 1st

David Hetrick MM 445 144'.69" 2nd

Sam Colton IH 350 U 138'.97" 3rd

Josh Eggler Case 500 138'.12" 4th

Harnish Bros Case 500 137'.37" 5th

Tim Yates Oliver 77 137'.28" 6th

Doug Walker MH 101 136'.53" 7th

Eric Jensen AC WD 134'.37" 8th

Ryan Newman AC WD45 133'.52" 9th

Jason Gerych JD B 133'.52" 9th

Mike Shultz Case CC 133'.43" 11th

Cole Shupp Farmall H 131'.64" 12th

Shane Gerych JD B 131'.17" 13th

Mark Willis AC 130'.14" 14th

Jeff Mongold Ford 960 129'.20" 15th

Jim Quigel Case 350 127'.98" 16th

Duane Shultz Farmall H 124'.32" 17th

Matthew Warner Oliver Super 66 106'.95" 18th

Zak Kennedy Oliver 77 141'.22" DQ

Danny Ferguson Farmall Super C 133'.99" DQ

4,000-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Steve Smith Oliver 77 155'.59" 1st

Tom Braniger AC WC 155'.12" 2nd

Zak Kennedy Oliver 77 152'.58" 3rd

Richard Peoples Oliver 77 152'.49" 4th

Mark Mongold Oliver   152'.11" 5th

Kenton Leed Oliver 88 146'.76" 6th

Bobby Elen Oliver 77 145'.63" 7th

Ken Leed Oliver Super 77 142'.35" 8th

Johnny Rome AC WC 140'.75" 9th

Rich Gensler IH 460

4,000-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Brian Flynn MM U 213'.43" 1st

Bill Hughes Oliver 77 192.39" 2nd

Brad Peters Case 200 191'.83" 3rd

Roger Elwood Farmall 460 191'.17" 4th

Don Fisher Case 200 184'.23" 5th

4,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Jeff Fuller JD A 151'9.60" 1st

George Bradley AC D17 150'0.48" 2nd

Scott Douglas JD A 141'3.72" 3rd

Robert Nippen Oliver 77 141'0.96" 4th

Jeff Blantz Oliver 77 139'0.48" 5th

Jason Stellingwerf AC WD45 138'2.16" 6th

Betty Raymond JD A 137'9.98" 7th

Zach Bisson Farmall M 136'3.72" 8th

Matt Ulmer JD B 134'0.48" 9th

Michael Caron Farmall M 129'10.32" 10th

Harnish Brothers Case DC 128'0.60" 11th

Jimmy Heil JD A 127'6.48" 12th

Jordan Hinkle AC D17 127'0.00" 13th

Bob Carpenter Oliver 88 126'4.44" 14th

Terry Eggler Case 630 122'4.92" 15th

Alex Gensler JD A 121'6.24" 16th

Ken Carpenter JD A 118'1.56" 17th

Steve Montomery JD A 117'5.88" 18th

Leroy Bennett Case 500 B 117'3.12" 19th

Dick Stellingwerf AC D17 114'5.76" 20th

Ryan Newman AC WD45 110'11.88" 21st

Harry Willis MH 44-6 109'10.92" 22nd

Reed Shultz Farmall H 109'6.36" 23rd

Mike Sosnowy JD B 108'3.36" 24th

Tucker Gerych JD A 107'3.72" 25th

Mark Willis Case DC 103'7.92" 26th

Jake Myers JD B 102'1.56" 27th

Seamus Crilly Fordson Major 100'6.00" 28th

Dean Maccaley International 300 95'11.52" 29th

John Deiter JD A 91'9.60" 30th

Adam Whitehead Farmall Super H 90'9.96" 31st

Isiah Rose Farmall H 73'10.80" 32nd

Robery Ely Ford 850 128'3.96" DQ

4,500-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Gus Jones MH 44 154'.55" 1st

Eric Jensen AC WD 153'.90" 2nd

Karl Davis JD A 153'.52" 3rd

Craig Ulmer JD A 150'.99" 4th

Mike Shultz Case CC 150'.52" 5th

David Jones Oliver 880 149'.86" 6th

Zak Kennedy Oliver 77 149'.77" 7th

Mike Gerych JD A 148'.83" 8th

Cole Shupp Farmall H 147'.79" 9th

David Hetrick MM 445 145'.73" 10th

Duane Stackhouse JD A 144'.23" 11th

Kevin Muller Farmall M 142'.54" 12th

Mike Hitchens JD 60 140'.85" 13th

Matthew Warner Oliver Super 66 139'.81" 14th

Ben Cress Oliver Super 88 138'.97" 15th

Jerry Quigel Case 350 137'.18" 16th

Dave Milled JD A 136'.15" 17th

Dale Buckley JD A 135'.12" 18th

Ryan newman AC WD45 134'.27" 19th

Doug Walker MH 101 133'.71" 20th

Art Woolever Oliver 880 124'.69" 21st

Leroy Bennett Case DC 147'.23" DQ

Nick Borga JD A 128'.64" DQ

Wade Thomas JD A 142'.82" DQ

4,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Cody Cataldi Farmall M 168'.73" 1st

Roy Owen Farmall 460 166'.76" 2nd

Steve Smith Oliver 77 166'.57" 3rd

Randy Luta JD A 165'.92" 4th

Kyle Grandin Oliver 88 163'.57" 5th

Richard Peoples Oliver 77 160'.85" 6th

Mark Mongold Oliver  159'.53" 7th

Kenny Dubois Oliver 880 158'.97" 8th

Matthew Thomas JD A 158'.78" 9th

Shawn Moore AC D17 158'.69" 10th

Kenton Leed Oliver 88 148'.64" 11th

Ed Hodge Oliver 880 140'.47" 12th

Shaun Shank IM Utility 191'.64" DQ

Bob Hanes AC D17

Rich Gensler IH 960

4,500-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Brian Flynn MM U 194'.46" 1st

Art Forrest MM 50 192'.86" 2nd

Will Bush Oliver 88 190'.05" 3rd

Roger Elwood Farmall 460 184'.41" 4th

Joe Salma Oliver 88 181'.60" 5th

Jay Scasso Farmall 460 180'.04" 6th

Bill Hughes Oliver 77 178'.40" 7th

Len Lemmon Farmall 460 177'.56" 8th

Don Fisher Case 174'.08" 9th

Terry Brown Farmall M 173'.62" 10th

Ken Granger Farmall 460 157'.00" 11th

5,000-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Jeff Fuller JD A 162'2.52" 1st

Jeff Blantz Oliver 77 160'6.60" 2nd

Mark Steinmetz JD A 158'4.80" 3rd

Isaiah Shupp Farmall M 157'5.52" 4th

Josh Hisk Jr MM 154'2.40" 5th

Jimmy Heil JD A 153'10.32" 6th

Cole Schupp Farmall M 153'6.72" 7th

Robert Nipper Oliver 77 153'3.96" 8th

Bob Carpenter Oliver 88 152'0.96" 9th

Jacob Moatz Farmall Super M 149'10.32" 10th

Ken Carpenter JD A 149'4.56" 11th

Blake Colton JD A 148'6.72" 12th

Steve Montgomery JD A 148'5.52" 13th

Owen Hilbert Farmall M 148'0.60" 14th

Jordan Ferris JD A 146'8.40" 15th

Dick Stellingwerf AC D17 146'2.28" 16th

George Bradley AC D17 143'10.44" 17th

Ryan Newman AC WD45 143'5.16" 18th

Joe Heretta Farmall 300 143'2.16" 19th

Mike Campbell Farmall 142'10.44" 20th

Harnish Bros Case DC 142'4.92" 21st

Betty Raymond  JD A 141'1.92" 22nd

Noel Barry Fordson Major 140'10.92" 23rd

Michael Caron Farmall M 139'3.84" 24th

Alex Gensler JD A 138'7.32" 25th

Mark Willis Case DC 137'2.76" 26th

Sam Stitzer JD A 137'0.36" 27th

Alan Brandi JD A 137'0.00" 28th

Evan Goodrich Farmall M 135'3.48" 29th

Hal Monell Oliver 880 134'2.04" 30th

Susan Stackhouse Oliver 77 132'9.24" 31st

Gordon Spink JD A 132'6.12" 32nd

Seamus Crilly Fordson Major 131'7.44" 33rd

John Deiter JD A 131'2.88" 34th

Allen Muller Farmall Super M 127'3.48" 35th

Dean McCauley International 300 123'8.40" 36th

Jordan Hinkle AC D17 117'10.20" 37th

Isaiah Rose Farmall H 112'4.68' 38th

Matt Ulmer JD B 110'4.44" 39th

Zach Bisson Farmall M 94'8.52" 40th

Kevin Raney Oliver 88 92'0.72" 41st

Rob Bair Farmall M 97'3.72" DQ

Brad Butcher Oliver 88 138'11.28" DQ

5,000-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Criag Ulmer JD A 154'.93" 1st

Olan Simpkins Farmall M 153'.90" 2nd

Nick Borga JD A 150'.99" 3rd

Eric Jensen AC WD 150'.52" 4th

DJ Paulhamus MM U 149'.86" 5th

Dave Miller JD A 149'.58" 6th

Ken Granger Farmall M 147'.79" 7th

Leroy Bennett Case DC 147'.32" 8th

David Hetrick MM 445 147'.23" 9th

David Jones Oliver 880 146'.85" 10th

Gus Jones MH 44 145'.07" 11th

Mike Gerych JD A 144'.79" 12th

Cliff Lehman Farmall M 144'.69" 13th

Ken Knope MM U 144'.41" 14th

Art Woolever Oliver 88  144'.32" 15th

Steve Shupp Jr Farmall M 143'.66" 16th

Dale Buckley JD A 143'.38" 17th

Mike Hitchens  JD G 142'.72" 18th

Joe McIntyre Farmall 460 142'.44" 19th

Kevin Muller Farmall M 139'.25" 20th

Wade Thomas JD A 136'.71" 21st

Jim Quigel Case 350 133'.15" 22nd

Mike Fleeger Oliver Super 88 129'.67" 23rd

Gary Everhart Farmall M 129'.67" 23rd

Duane Stackhouse JD A 123'.76" 25th

Doug Wacker Oliver 88 121'.78" 26th

Mike Gabardi Farmall M 134'.46" DQ

5,000-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Ken Granger Farmall 460 183'.38" 1st

Art Forrest MM 5star 181'.69" 2nd

Roy Owen Farmall 460 180'.94" 3rd

Cody Cataldi Farmall M 180'.00" 4th

Kyle Grandin Oliver 88 178'.03" 5th

Marr Woodruff Farmall M 177'.37" 6th

Shaun Shank IH 400U 176'.43" 7th

Konnor Bair Farmall 460 172'.77" 8th

Mike Tatro Farmall 460 169'.30" 9th

Rick Stellingwerf Case 400 168'.54" 10th

Randy Luta JD A 167'.14" 11th

Terry Brown Farmall M 166'.29" 12th

Bob Hanes AC D17 165'.26" 13th

Danny Ferfuson Farmall M 164'.32" 14th

Clif Lehman Farmall M 163'.57" 15th

Matthew Thomas JD A 162'.72" 16th

Dillon Hearn MM U 161'.50" 17th

Kenny Dubois Oliver 880 160'.38" 18th

Evan Goodrich Farmall m 160'.09" 19th

Shawn Moore AC D17 159'.53" 20th

Roger Creighton Farmall 460 158'.78" 21st

Mike Nolan JR JD G 157'.93" 22nd

Eric Hevener MM U 157'.28" 23rd

Alex Butcher Farmall M 155'.87" 24th

5,000-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Derek McIntire Oliver 88 219'.34" 1st

Brian Flynn MM U 206'.57" 2nd

Len Lemmon Farmall 460 205'.07" 3rd

Will Bush Oliver 88 204'.88" 4th

Brad Peters Case 900 200'.09" 5th

Art Forrest MM 5star 195'.68" 6th

Karen Tice MM UB Special 195'.12" 7th

Jeff Thieman IH 560 192'.39" 8th

Stone Scasso Farmall 460 189'.67" 9th

Don Fisher Case   181'.69" 10th

Rick Stellingwerf Case 400 180'.94" 11th

Bill Briggs Farmall M 173'.99" 12th

Roger Elwood Farmall 460 157'.18" 13th

Lisa Salma Oliver 88 98'.59" 14th

5,250-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Mark Steinmetz JD A 158'7.92" 1st

Jordan Ferris JD A 154'9.96" 2nd

Blake Colton JD A 153'8.28" 3rd

James Budman JD A 149'10.68" 4th

Michael Neese JD A 149'8.76" 5th

Brad Butcher Oliver 88 149'4.20" 6th

Bob Carpenter Oliver 88 149'3.00" 7th

Allen Muller Farmall Super M 148'6.36" 8th

Steve Montgomery JD A 148'5.52" 9th

George Bradley AC D17 148'0.00" 10th

Tyler Keith JD A 147'9.48" 11th

Ken Carpenter JD A 147'9.24" 12th

Jimmy Heil JD A 147'7.68" 13th

Devon Paulhamus MM UB 147'4.68" 14th

Jason Stellingwerf Ac WD 45 145'1.68" 15th

Hal Monell Oliver 880 145'1.44" 16th

Zach Bisson Farmall M 143'10.44" 17th

Joe Heretta Farmall 300 143'8.52" 18th

Scott Douglas JD A 143'4.32" 19th

Susan Stackhouse Oliver 77 141'4.68" 20th

Mike Sosnowy JD B 140'9.00" 21st

Alan Bandi JD A 138'11.04" 22nd

Mike Campbell Farmall 137'5.52" 23rd

Jeff Fuller JD A 137'0.36" 24th

Michael Caron Farmall M 136'7.44" 25th

Tate Stackhouse JD B 136'6.48" 26th

Owen Hilbert Farmall M 136'5.88" 27th

Isiah Rose Farmall H 135'8.16" 28th

Robert Nipper Oliver 77 135'4.80" 29th

Harnish Bros Case DC 135'4.50" 30th

Rich Umstead Farmall M 134'3.96" 31st

Gordon Spink JD A 133'6.12" 32nd

Betty Raymond JD A 133'0.60" 33rd

Ryan Newman AC WD45 132'2.52" 34th

Reed Shultz Farmall H 131'11.76" 35th

Jacob Moatz Farmall Super M 131'2.28" 36th

Alex Gensler JD A 131'0.12" 37th

Dick Stellingwerf AC D17 130'2.88" 38th

Kevin Raney Oliver 88 82'9.00" 39th

Seamus Crilly Fordson Major 134'3.60" DQ

John Hisco JR MM UB 128'11.88" DQ

5,250-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

DJ Paulhamus MM U 139'.81" 1st

Steve Shupp JR Farmall M 138'.31" 2nd

Gus Jones MH 44 137'.65" 3rd

Jery Quigel Case 350 137'.28" 4th

Joe McIntyre Farmall 460 133'.80" 5th

Keith McLean JD G 133'.52" 6th

Karl Davis JD A 133'.43" 7th

Olan Simpkins Farmall M 133'.24" 8th

Craig Ulmer JD A 133'.15" 9th

Mike Shultz Case CC 132'.49" 10th

Bob Hanes AC D17 130'.80" 11th

Leroy Bennett Case DC 130'.52" 12th

Mike Hitchens JD 60 130'.23" 13th

Mike Fleeger Oliver Super 88 130'.05" 14th

Doug Walker Oliver 88 128'.54" 15th

Art Woolever Oliver 88 128'.08" 16th

David L. Jones Oliver 880 127'.98" 17th

Ben Cress Oliver Super 88 127'.70" 18th

Wade Thomas JD A 127'.14" 19th

Shawn Moore AC D17 127'.04" 20th

Kevin Muller Farmall M 126'.57" 21st

Duane Stackhouse JD A 126'.20" 22nd

Nick Borga JD A 116'.71" 23rd

Lyndon Stackhouse Farmall M 116'.43" 24th

Mike Nolan JD G 130'.52" DQ

5,250-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Marr Woodruff  Farmall M 172'.11" 1st

Kyle Grandin Oliver 88 171'.17" 2nd

Rick Stellingwerf Case 400 170'.61" 3rd

Lawerence Hayman Farmall Super MTA 169'.77" 4th

Mike Nolan JD G 169'.01" 5th

Cody Cataldi Farmall M 168'.92" 6th

Mike Nolan JR JD G 168'.73" 7th

Carl West Mm UB Special 168'.08" 8th

Randy Luta JD A 167'.23" 9th

Mike Gabardi Farmall M 161'.22" 10th

Don Walker Mm 5star 162'.16" 11th

Danny Ferguson Farmall M 161'.69" 12th

Brad Peters Case 900 161'.22" 13th

Terry Brown Farmall M 161'.22" 13th

Gary Everhart Farmall M 161'.22" 13th

Roger Creighton Farmall 460 160'.38" 16th

Reed Bidlack Farmall M 159'.25" 17th

Eric Hevener MM U  158'.12" 18th

Mike Tatro Farmall 460 155'.12" 19th

Ed Hodge Oliver 880 153'.33" 20th

Jay Scasso Farmall 460 152'.58" 21st

Dillon Hearn MM U 152'.49" 22nd

Alex Butcher Farmall M 151'.64" 23rd

Kenny Dubois Oliver 880 148'.08" 24th

Andrew Ferry JD G 138'.03" 25th

Kenton Leed Oliver 88 127'.98" 26th

Ken Granger Farmall M 50'0.00" 27th

Shaun Shank IH 460U 148'.83" DQ

Konnor Bair Farmall 460 168'.92" DQ

Roy Owen Farmall 460 160'.09 DQ

DJ Paulhamus MM U 173'.33" DQ

5,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Devon Paulhamus MM UB 164'7.20" 1st

Micael Neese JD A 163'5.16" 2nd

Don Williams Oliver 880 161'6.24" 3rd

Rich Umstead Farmall M 161'5.28" 4th

John Hisko JR MM   161'4.08" 5th

Jordan Ferris JD A 161'0.96" 6th

Sam Stitzer JD A 160'7.44" 7th

Harry Willis JD G 160'4.44" 8th

Owen Hilbert Farmall M 160'3.24" 9th

Bryant Grass JD 3010 160'3.24" 9th

Tyler Keith JD A 160'.72" 11th

Jacob Moatz Farmall Super M 158'8.28" 12th

Scott Douglas JD A 156'1.92" 13th

Brad Butcher Oliver 88  155'3.84" 14th

Warren Loch JD 60 154'9.12" 15th

Roy Allison Farmall M 153'8.28" 16th

Blake Colton JD A 151'.72" 17th

James Budman JD A 150'2.88" 18th

TJ Saunders Case DC 149'9.12" 19th

Alan Bandi JD A 148'6.72" 20th

Michael Bair JD G 147'4.92" 21st

Brady Bricker Farmall M 144'8.16" 22nd

Mark Steinmetz JD A 141'11.76" 23rd

Allen Muller Super M 141'11.40" 24th

Mike Campbell Farmall 138'9.48" 25th

Gordon Spink JD A 137'10.20" 26th

Travis Brand  Farmall 400 136'11.40" 27th

Joh Wetmore Deutz 5506 135'3.48" 28th

Fred Goodrich Farmall M 133'11.04" 29th

Noel Barry Fordson Major 104'11.88" 30th

Kevin Raney Oliver 88 98'0.00" 31st

Dean McCauley International 300 92'10.20" 32nd

5,500-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Olan Simpkins Farmall M 173'.24" 1st

Steve Shupp JR Farmall M 167'.42" 2nd

Clif Lehman Farmall M 167'.42" 2nd

Keith McLean JD G 167'.04" 4th

Jerry Quigel Case 350 166'.85" 5th

Mike Nolan JD G 165'.26" 6th

Ben Cress Oliver Super 88 163'.57" 7th

DJ Paulhamas MM U 163'.38" 8th

Karl Davis JD A 154'.08" 9th

Gary Everhart JR Farmall M 153'.24" 10th

Doug Wacker Oliver 88 152'.68" 11th

Austin Fleeger Oliver Super 88 139'.06" 12th

Mike Gerych JD A 143'.19" DQ

Ken Knope MM U 120'.94" DQ

5,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Danny Ferguson Farmall M 185'.35" 1st

John Luse Farmall SM 184'.60" 2nd

Mike Nolan JR JD G 184'.23" 3rd

Lawerence Hayman Farmall Super MTA 184'.13" 4th

Marr Woodruff Farmall M 182'.72" 5th

Mike Silco JD G 181'.97" 6th

Jeff Thieman IH 560 180'.09" 7th

Don Walker MM 5star 179'.81" 8th

Mike Nolan  JD G 177'.09" 9th

Mike Tatro Farmall 460 175'.96" 10th

Cliff Stugart Case 400 174'.93" 11th

Roger Creighton Farmall 460 174'.55" 12th

Reed Bidlack Farmall M 172'.21" 13th

Mike Gabardi Farmall M 171'.92" 14th

Alex Butcher Farmall M 168'.08" 15th

Andrew Ferry JD G 167'.61" 16th

Jacob Moatz Farmall 400 165'.45" 17th

Konnor Bair Farmall 460 165'.35" 18th

Ed Hodge Oliver 880 164'.69" 19th

Ken Granger Farmall 460 164'.60" 20th

Rich Barhed Farmall 460 164'.23" 21st

Evan Goodrich Farmall M 160'.66" 22nd

Dave Fetterolf Farmall M 160'.19" 23rd

Eric Hevener MM U 157'.93" 24th

DJ Paulhamus MM U

5,500-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Derek McIntire Oliver 88 Full Pull 1st

John Anderson JD 4010 221'.13" 2nd

William Lockhart MM GVI 216'.53" 3rd

Bill Bush Oliver 88 213'.05" 4th

Brad Peters Case 900 210'.42" 5th

Scott Martsolf Case 600 204'.32" 6th

Joe Salma Oliver 88 200'.47" 7th

Carl West MM UB Special 198'.22" 8th

Lawerence Hayman Farmall Super MTA 185'.54" 9th

6,000-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Don Williams Oliver 880 166'2.88" 1st

Devon Paulhamus MM UB 158'6.36" 2nd

Dylan Leed Oliver Standard 88 156'10.20" 3rd

Tyler Keith JD A 156'8.64" 4th

Glen Fellenbaum Farmall M 153'10.68" 5th

Jake Bilyk JR Farmall 460 152'11.64" 6th

Brandon Raney Farmall M 152'9.48" 7th

Harry Willis JD G 151'8.64" 8th

Bryant Grass JD 3010 149'.48" 9th

Michael Neese JD G 146'5.64" 10th

Earl Gardner JD G 145'11.52" 11th

Roy Allison Farmall M 145'9.00" 12th

Alan Bandi JD A 145'.12" 13th

Noel Barry Fordson Major 143'9.72" 14th

Steve Townsend Farmall M 141'3.12" 15th

Michael Neese JD A 140'1.68" 16th

James Budman JD A 139'8.76" 17th

Sam Stitzer JD A 139'1.44" 18th

Fred Goodrich Farmall M 138'1.80" 19th

TJ Saunders Case DC 138'1.56" 20th

Rich Umstead Farmall M 136'11.16" 21st

Hal Monell Oliver 880 131'1.92" 22nd

John Wetmore Deutz 5506 128'11.64" 23rd

Alida Goldsmith Ford Major 119'10.68" 24th

Warren Loch JD 60 115'9.72" 25th

Brody Bricker Farmall M 108'7.08" 26th

Tyler Smith JD G 136'.12" DQ

6,000-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Mike Nolan JD G 167'.79" 1st

Keith McLean JD G 167'.51" 2nd

Bruce Dewick Farmall M 166'.30" 3rd

Rick Ward JD G 162'.91" 4th

Ken Knope MM U 160'.47" 5th

Bob Ayers JD G 159'.15" 6th

6,000-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

John Luse Farmall SM 201'.41" 1st

Erik Samuelson MM U 197'.65" 2nd

Jacob Bilyk Farmall 560 196'.24" 3rd

DJ Paulhamus MM U 193'.52" 4th

Terry Moore Farmall 400 192'.77" 5th

Charlie Nolan JD 70 192'.21" 6th

Reed Bidlack Farmall M 191'.55" 7th

Bob Schenk JD G 189'.58" 8th

Like Gladnill JD 70 Diesel 189'.48" 9th

Jeff Thieman IH 560 187'.70" 10th

Michael Colton JD G 185'.92" 11th

Mike Hitchens JD G 183'.38" 12th

Matt Siko JD G 178'.69" 13th

Dave Fetterolf Farmall M 167'.89" 14th

Fred Goodrich Farmall M 166'.57" 15th

Andrew Ferry JD G 165'.16" 16th

Bill Neese Farmall M 187'.61 DQ

Don Walker MM 5star 143'.76" DQ

Olan Simpkins Farmall 460 198'.78" DQ

6,000-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Joe Curr MM GD Full Pull 1st

John Anderson JD 4010 Full Pull 2nd

William Lockhart Mm Gvi Full Pull 3rd

Mike Gobardi Mm GVI 213'.62" 4th

Scott Martsolf Case 600 208'.73" 5th

Bill Briggs Farmall M 192'.02" 6th

Derek McIntire Oliver 88

6,500-3MPH Small Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Jake Bilyk JR Farmall 460 166'4.08" 1st

Skip Chamber Fordson Major 165'0.48" 2nd

Roy Allison Farmall M 161'9.00" 3rd

Don Williams Oliver 880 160'9.60" 4th

John H Wetmore Deutz 5506 160'4.68" 5th

Dylan Leed Oliver Standard 88 160'4.08" 6th

Michael Neese JD G 159'2.40" 7th

Glenn Fellenbaum Farmall M 159'0.48" 8th

Travid Brand Farmall 400 158'2.76" 9th

Mike Cambell Farmall M 156'10.44" 10th

Tyler Smith JD G 155'11.52" 11th

Earl Gardner JD G 155'11.52" 11th

Bryant Gross JD 3010 154'11.88" 13th

Brandon Raney Farmall M 150'6.60" 14th

TJ Saunders Case DC 147'11.04" 15th

Mike Sofko Farmall MTA 146'6.48" 16th

Mike Rose Farmall M 145'9.00" 17th

Steve Townsand Farmall M 139'3.84" 18th

Michael Bair JD G 133'11.28" 19th

6,500-3MPH      Big Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Don Hilkert JD G 164'5.04" 1st

Don Remley JD G 162'6.12" 2nd

Ken Reynolds JD G 161'9.60" 3rd

Andy Blades Oliver 88 161'6.24" 4th

Neil Fellenbaum Farmall Super MTA 161'4.32" 5th

Blake Colton JD G 161'2.52" 6th

Cory Nansteal JD G 161'2.28" 7th

Ken Carpenter JD G 160'7.20" 8th

Albert Miller JD G 159'8.52" 9th

Craig Orr Farmall 450 158'8.28" 10th

Rick Miller JD 70 158'5.52" 11th

Jeremy Barnhart JD 70 Diesel 156'2.52" 12th

Michael Moatz Farmall 400 155'1.32" 13th

Ryan Crawford Farmall SMTA 147'9.48" 14th

Paul Blackwell JD G 160'7.80" DQ

Roy Owen Farmall 560 117'4.92" DQ

6,500-3.5MPH      Small Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Bruce Dewick Farmall M 181'.41" 1st

Rick Ward JD G 176'.62" 2nd

Bob Ayers JD G 175'.77" 3rd

6,500-3.5MPH      Big Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Roger Neal Deutz 8006 185'.16" 1st

Roger Rockwell Farmall MTA 183'.76" 2nd

BJ Jensen JD G 179'.81" 3rd

Matt Buckley JD G 163'.94" 4th

Daniel Buckley JD A 162'.44" 5th

Anthony Arnold JD G 160'.75" 6th

6,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Mike Hitchens JD G 184'.04' 1st

John Luse Farmall SM 184'.04" 1st

Erik Samuelson MM U 183'.19" 3rd

Bob Schenk JD G 182'.82" 4th

Cliff Stugart Case 4000 182'.72" 5th

Mike Siko JD G 182'.35" 6th

Michael Colton JD G 182'.35" 6th

Jacob Bilyk Farmall 560 181'.69" 8th

Bill Neese Farmall M 181'.60" 9th

Olan Simpkins Farmall 460 181'.31" 10th

Matt Siko JD G 181'.13" 11th

Roger Neal Deutz 8006 180'.66" 12th

Charlie Nolan JD 70 174'.65" 13th

Dan Patterson Case 900 174'.46" 14th

Dave Fetterols Farmall M 162'.25" 15th

Luke Gladnill JD 70 Diesel 156'.06" 16th

Terry Moore Farmall 400 181'.22" DQ

6,500-15MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

William Lockhart MM G VI 193'.71" 1st

Mike Gadard MM GVI 193'.24" 2nd

Joe Curr MM GD 192'.86" 3rd

6,750-3MPH      Small Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Tyler Smith JD G 151'11.76" 1st

Jake Bilyk JR Farmall 460 151'10.44" 2nd

Glenn Fellenbaum Farmall M 149'10.92" 3rd

Alida Goldsmith Ford Major 149'6.36" 4th

Michael Neese JD G 149'4.80" 5th

Earl Gardner JD G 147'8.64" 6th

Brandon Ranex Farmall M 147'1.92" 7th

Mike Safko Farmall Super MTA 147'1.56" 8th

Mike Rose Farmall M 139'5.40" 9th

6,750-3MPH      Big Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Andy Blades Oliver 88 152'7.32" 1st

Don Remley JD G 152'4.32" 2nd

Black Colton JD G 152'3.36" 3rd

Albert Miller JD G 150'11.76" 4th

Ken Carpenter JD G 150'8.16" 5th

Don Hilkert JD G 150'7.44" 6th

Ken Reynolds JD G 150'3.84" 7th

Paul Blackwell JD G 150'3.24" 8th

Rick Miller JD 70 149'7.20" 9th

Michael Moatz Farmall 400 149'4.56" 10th

Noah Katchmark Farmall 400 149'3.84" 11th

Cory Nansteal JD G 149'3.60" 12th

Roy Owen Farmall 560 148'5.16" 13th

Neil Fellenbaum Farmall Super MTA 148'0.00" 14th

Jeremy Barnhart JD 70 Diesel 147'0.96" 15th

Craig Orr Farmall 450 146'6.24" 16th

Rex Patterson JD 60 145'3.24" 17th

6,750-3.5MPH      Small Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Rick Ward JD G 170'.14" 1st

Lyndon Stackhouse Farmall M 168'.64" 2nd

Bob Ayers JD G 159'.91" 3rd

6,750-3.5MPH      Big Tire Owner Tractor Length Place

Cliff Stugart Case 400 176'.43" 1st

Daniel Buckley JD A 176'.15" 2nd

Matt Buckley JD G 173'.05" 3rd

Albert Miller JD G 164'.04" 4th

Roger Rockwell Farmall MTA 163'.94" 5th

BJ Jensen JD G 163'.76" 6th

Roger Neal Deutz 8006 163'.29" 7th

6,750-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Bill Neese Farmall M 187'.14" 1st

Mike Hitchens  JDG 186'.20" 2nd

John Anderson JD 4010 186'.10" 3rd

Terry Moore Farmall 400 186'.01" 4th

Bob Schenk JD G 184'.98" 5th

Olan Simpkins Farmall 460 184'.88" 6th

Charlie Nolan JD 70 184'.32" 7th

Jacob Bilyk Sr Farmall 560 183'.85" 8th

Mike Silco JDG 183'.66" 9th

Matt Silco JD G 182'.44" 10th

Mike Gabardi MM GVI 180'.85" 11th

Erik Samuelson MM U 179'.06" 12th

Dan Peterson Case 900 176'.06" 13th

Luke Gladnill  JD 70 Diesel 175'.21" 14th

Scott Martsoif Case 600 158'.12" DQ

Michael Colton JD G 187'.70" DQ

7,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Michael Gross JD 4010 155'2.88" 1st

Paul Blackwell JD G 154'7.20" 2nd

Don Hilkert JD G 153'4.20" 3rd

Black Colton JD G 153'3.36" 4th

Andy Blades Oliver 88 152'6.72" 5th

Chad Murphy Farmall 460 150'10.56" 6th

Jeremy Barnhart JD 70 Diesel 150'8.40" 7th

Ken Reynolds JD G 150'7.44" 8th

Neil Fellenbaum Farmall Super MTA 150'6.24" 9th

Mike Rose Farmall M 150'5.64" 10th

Rick Miller JD 70 Diesel 150'4.08" 11th

Travis Brand Farmall 400 150'1.08" 12th

Roy Owen  Farmall 560 149'9.96" 13th

Dylan Leed Oliver Standard 88 149'8.52" 14th

Josh Anderson JD 70 Diesel 149'6.60" 15th

Noah Ketchmark Farmall 400 149'3.84" 16th

Rob Allison Farmall Super MTA 149'2.40" 17th

Craig Orr Farmall 450 149'2.40" 17th

Robert Ely Oliver 880 148'9.12" 19th

Robert Rowe SMTA 147'4.32" 20th

Mike Safko Farmall Super MTA 146'11.16" 21st

Rex Patterson JD 60 146'4.08" 22nd

Cory Nansteal JD G 152'5.88" DQ

Don Remley JD G 147'4.92" DQ

7,500-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Anthony Arnold JD G 175'.68" 1st

Matt Buckley JD G 170'.05" 2nd

BJ Jensen JD G 166'.67" 3rd

Daniel Buckley JD A 166'.01" 4th

Nick Ball JD 720 163'.85" 5th

Bruce Demickz Farmall M 163'.10" 6th

Roger Rockwell Farmall MTA 159'.34" DQ

7,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Bill Briggs Farmall M 178'.87" 1st

Bob Stanton JD 4010 175'.12" 2nd

Wayne Stanton JD 4010 173'.90" 3rd

Dan Peterson Case 900 173'.90" 3rd

8,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Andy Blades Oliver 880 158'11.04" 1st

Michael Gross JD 4010 157'11.40" 2nd

Ken Leed Oliver 880 157'3.36" 3rd

Chad Murphy Farmall 460 154'5.76" 4th

Josh Anderson Farmall 560 153'1.44" 5th

Noah Ketchmark Farmall 400 152'7.68" 6th

Roberty Ely Oliver 880 150'2.64" 7th

Rex Patterson JD 60 149'10.32" 8th

Robert Row SMTA 149'1.80" 9th

Rob Allison Farmall Super MTA 148'4.56" 10th

8,500-3.5MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Nick Ball JD 720 169'.48" 1st

8,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Bob Stanton JD 4010 176'.06" 1st

Wayne Stanton JD 4010 167'.61" 2nd

9,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Ken Leed Oliver 880 156'3.12" 1st

Andy Blades Oliver 880 153'4.20" 2nd

Jacob Moatz JD 4010 148'4.20" 3rd

Chad Murphy Farmall 460 147'4.32" 4th

Josh Anderson Farmall 560 145'9.96" 5th

Robert Row SMTA 142'3.72" 6th

Rob Allison Farmall Super MTA 86'10.20" DQ

9,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Nick Ball JD 720 200'.00" 1st

9,500-6MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Bpb Stanton JD 4010 180'.00" 1st

Wayne Stanton JD 4010 176'.34" 2nd

10,500-3MPH Owner Tractor Length Place

Ken Leed Oliver 880 158'5.16" 1st

Andy Blades Oliver 880 156'3.72" 2nd